How to travel the world for free?

How to travel the world for free?

Travelling is best way to experience and explore different cultures, traditions and rich heritage of the known and unknown corners of the planet. You get to learn so much! Travelling makes you self-dependent, financially more organised, practical and wiser. Oh if only you could go wherever you want, but not everyone has that kind of money. Don’t worry though we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Discussed below are some smart ways that’ll get you to travel round the world for free (or maybe even get paid for it!):

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Work as an au pair

Au-pair or extra pair of hands is basically when foreigners 18 years or more volunteer to work for about 25 to 30 hours helping a family or any organisation in exchange for food accommodation and free travel. It is a wonderful opportunity for young travel junkies who wish to experience the diverse cultures and traditions of the different countries without spending a penny.


Join the cruise or airline

Airline employees often get free plane tickets or standby travel opportunities even for their families. Cruise line on the other hand is a bit difficult and may involve a lot of effort and patience. As a cruise line worker you have to live and travel with your team round the world and undertake various jobs such as cooking, cleaning, sailors etc. It is a good chance to earn good money and explore the different far off places.

Teach English

English is considered to be a global language that almost everyone knows. It is a language that connects the world and will always be in demand. Teaching English is perhaps the most profitable and quickest ways to travel the world. All you need is good English speaking skills and a decent sense of grammar. As an English teacher you can visit the far off countries to teach small villages and minor communities.

Be a tour guide

As a tour guide you can interact with people, explore the unknown corners of the city and experience things you otherwise wouldn’t have. There are many companies that hire energetic young travellers who have a flair for communication and a unique way of looking at things. You can also be a travel blogger and join a travel based channel to share your experiences with the world.

Volunteer at Workaway

Workaway is a great platform for users who wish to travel the world but don’t have enough resources for it. Workaway is a website where people of all ages can volunteer to work at a job of their choice and travel to different countries. From teaching, organic farming or working at an animal shelter to volunteering at an environmental or social program you can do anything!


Consider Couchsurfing

Platforms such as Couchsurf are great places to meet hosts who offer free accommodation, travel and food to travel junkies. You can connect with the local people and look up for special events or programs where volunteers offer travellers a chance to experience the cultural diversity in exchange for simple services.


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