Most bizarre hotels you would never even dream of – top 10

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Most hotels across the world try to attract customers by highlighting their hospitality. Only a few go a step further to create an unforgettable lodging experience for the customers. They not only take full care of the comfort of the guests but also provide accommodation that is tailored to fulfill their special requirements and interests. Usually, a person on holidays has pretty different accommodation needs than one who is out on an overnight tour. And if it is an intrepid traveler on an adventure trip who has spent the day sand-boarding, skydiving or caving, then he is definitely not looking to spend the night inside an extra lit hotel room stuffed with lacquered furniture. The hospitality industry understands this well and therefore hotel developers from all over the world are on a bizarre hotel construction spree. These hotels are bizarre in its truest sense and are not meant for fusspots but for dynamic and adaptive globetrotters. Why not check out the ‘bizarrest’ of them all?

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