How to get a free vacation?

How to get a free vacation?

Tired of the dull monotonous lifestyle? Oh wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could escape from the stress and chaos of life and relax by a sunny beach or somewhere else quiet?! Well, now you can. Yes, you can break free from the web of professional commitments and personal responsibilities and take off to some place where you can rejuvenate and refresh your senses. Mentioned below are some easy and smart ways by which you can enjoy a memorable vacation without spending a penny:

Volunteer at Workaway

A smart way to earn a free trip is by volunteering at programs such as Workaway where people can choose a job of their choice such as teaching, writing etc. and visit places. From assisting in the maintenance of a chateau to teaching some kids you can do it all here. You just need to pay a very nominal registration fee; all your other expenses are taken care of by the company.


Spend Time At An Animal Shelter

Wildlife conservation societies and animal shelters are a great place to experience the unconditional love and life of animals. Volunteer at an animal shelter or foster care centre nearby. This will give you a wonderful opportunity to explore the neighbouring countryside and all its natural beauty.

Pacific Crest Trail Association

For adventure enthusiasts and hikers looking for a thrilling trekking trip Pacific Crest Trail Association is the best option. This platform bring together a team of hikers who wish to trek through the wild steep and craggy cliffs and mountain paths running along Mexico, Canada, California, Oregon and Washington. You’ll be accompanied by a trail crew and professional staff to take care of the maintenance and other requirements on the trip.

Go On A Bike Marathon

The long winding roads, pretty countryside and warm sunshine…sound blissful right? Relive the Famous Five moments and travel along the country with a bunch of friends. You can register into websites such as WarmShowers where bikers and travel enthusiasts get to meet and plan a bike trip together. Lodging, food and accommodation are taken care of by the website or sponsoring company.

Work in an organic farm

Get your hands dirty! Sign up for an organic farming program in exchange for room and board. There are so many websites and amazing platforms where you can register as a volunteer and contribute to the process of organic farming anywhere round the world.


Join An Environmental Project Program

Do you bit for the environment and win a few days off freedom from your dull and monotonous lifestyle. There are so many environmental awareness programs and social projects such as Se7ven that you can be a part of and get a wonderful opportunity to explore the neighbouring places, cultures and people. These projects usually include free accommodation and food.

Win a lottery!

Now this may sound outrageous, but one can always hope! Take a chance and participate in the lucky draw or mystery contests organised by big brands and shopping places. You can sign up with many shopping companies and win a chance to spend a few days in an exotic location free of charge.



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