How to get free flights?

How to get free flights?

A cheap flight ticket is good, but a free one is way better. Great news for all the travellers out there, now you can explore the world to your hearts content without spending a penny. So if you’re a travel junkie looking for easy smart ways of getting your hands on the free plane ticket, this is the right place for you. Check out the top ways through which you can get free flight tickets:

Grab those credit card bonus offers

Perhaps the easiest and more dependable way of getting a free plane ticket is by redeeming credit card bonus sign up points. Many credit card companies offer about 50,000 miles or more of free travel as in incentive to encourage users to register on their websites.

Get bumped

Getting bumped may sound like an unlikely option but if you’re a regular flyer then you must be familiar with the process. You volunteer to give up on your ticket when the flight is overbooked and get an incentive (read free tickets or vouchers) in exchange.

Check out the promotional offers

There are some really weird and downright wacky promotional offers out there that offer really lucrative coupons and codes. Follow major airline portals and look out for the promotional codes and credit coupons online for some huge discounts and unbelievably amazing trips anywhere in the world.


Get lucky on the “mistake fares”

Mistake fares are basically a side effect of flight hacking, where these “error fares” often pop up costing so low that they almost seem like a mistake. Now, this might not be the best way to get a free plane ticket but you might just be lucky! Very similar to the mileage run system, the mistake fares are something of a “buy one get one” solution that sure save up on the bucks.

Choose Miles Over Money

One of the best ways of getting a chance at free travel is by signing up for a frequent flyer program where people who’ve collected enough “miles” can earn a free ticket. Most airlines offer the option of redeeming the miles if you choose a long route and make additional purchases though the website. You can even exchange some points with a friend who’s got some “miles” to spare.

Get a job at the airline

Now this sounds a bit crazy and also desperate, but being employed at an Airline company sure gets you free travel. Employees often get really good discounts and sometimes standby or free travel tickets for your family members as well. We’re not saying you should take up a job only for the free tickets. There are some really good earning and growth opportunities in the aviation industry.

Look for the incentives

You can get free airline tickets as an incentive or added perk when registering for some program or opening a brokerage account. Most companies choose to offer such lucrative incentives rather than hand out money.  Also huge investments and mortgages often come with added benefits and thank you “gift” such as free travel tickets.



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