Cities That Become a Nightmare in Winters – And More Hints to Avoid Ruining Your Travel Efforts

Cities That Become Inhospitably Cold in Winters

Cities in Winter


More than half the year is over, and perhaps it’s time to start planning a winter trip. Winter, as all Game of Thrones fans are only too aware, is coming – and wouldn’t it be absolutely lovely to get away, at that time, from the monotony of daily life as well as the year-end festivities and celebrations? Nothing can possibly match the experience of escaping to a quiet, picturesque locale to get away from the humdrum of daily activities, and the noise and bustle of work and family life – alone or otherwise. It would, in fact, we are inclined to think, be the best way to celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah and usher in the New Year. But before you start making plans, we provide you with a list – a list of places to avoid in the winter months. Trust us, you will thank us later.

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